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How to sell your industrial assets in the global marketplace - working together to optimise your sales.

At Eddisons CJM, we’ll help you sell all types and sizes of industrial asset, from a single machine to a full factory clearance or a warehouse full of stock.

There are three ways to sell: online auction, tender sales and negotiated sales. We’ll work with you to establish the best choice for you, which will depend on the volume, value and location of your equipment.

Online Auction

The most effective method for selling most industrial equipment and stock, this is also the best way of selling large quantities of goods. We’ll do everything on your behalf, including cleaning, photographing, cataloguing and promoting your goods via a range of media. Our skills and expertise, along with our close relationship with prospective buyers, mean that we inspire confidence in purchasers, ultimately getting the best return for you on your items. We conduct these auctions either from your premises or our Auction Centre.

Tender Sale

Using this method, buyers will make their offer within an established timeframe, with the highest bidder usually becoming the buyer. All offers are confidential. This can be a good way of disposing of potentially sensitive items – for example, those you don’t want to sell to a direct competitor – and selling bespoke and specialist assets where the resale market is particularly limited, as all offers must contain a maximum bid.

Negotiated Sale

This is the most effective way of selling complex, high-value assets such as production lines and complete manufacturing facilities where the sale will involve a significant capital investment by the buyer. We place a guide price on the assets, negotiating with potential buyers to reach a deal. From here we’ll draw up a contract to cover issues such as title, payment terms, dismantling and health and safety issues. As these tend to be highly priced items, payment is usually made in instalments but our golden rule is that sellers must have received payment in full before the assets leave their premises.

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